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Marc Jaffrey OBE


Three short examples of work – one current, one very recent and a peak achievement in the noughties.

Derry / Londonderry UK City of Culture

Derry / Londonderry UK City of Culture

I helped lead the development of the ground-breaking Music Promise — the major community development programme for the first ever UK City of Culture, currently ongoing in Derry. Working with the Derry Culture Company’s leadership team, and a partnership of key city agencies, I guided the development of a programme that is reaching every child and young person in the city and specifically targeting its most vulnerable and talented. It aims to provide a continuing legacy in youth engagement, skills development and artistic expression. The programme is engaging top talent from Katy B and musical director Conor Mitchell to jazz sensation Neil Cowley.




I am supporting the  global think-and-do tank IRC to better communicate its pivotal role in tackling the global crisis in the provision of water and sanitation services to the world’s poorest people. I am guiding a change programme to ensure the agency becomes more mission-led by its beliefs about what is needed to tackle the crisis. Work has included a focussed diagnostic exercise, action planning, training, coaching and overseeing a major brand and digital redevelopment. At the heart of the change process is the development of a culture of communication involving improved leadership and embedding effective practices and behaviours with staff across the organisation.

The Music Manifesto

The Music Manifesto

The Music Manifesto was a collective action campaign with cross-party support, and a coalition of educators, musicians and business, to bring more sustainable, quality music making opportunities to more young people. After four years of change leadership work the outcomes included two million more children making music over time, adoption of new innovative practices, £332m of new investment and continued take-up and development of the key campaign recommendations under the new UK coalition Government.


Marc is a tenacious agent of change, who possesses a great ability to inspire and motivate people. He's always happy to challenge the status quo, with the aim of making organisations and services better

Darren Henley OBE, MD Classic FM, Global Radio

Marc has a huge strategic capacity, as well as the ability to stick with a problem and coach an actionable solution out of it. He is a great person to have on a team to drive a project forward with the right balance of energy and reflection

Gail Gallie, CEO, Fallon

Marc played a central facilitating role in taking the Music Promise in Derry from being a vague, 'every child an instrument' aspiration, to being a fully developed strategic offer of sustained music learning to young people from all walks of life across the city. It was the combination of Marc's experience, passion and layered communications skills that brought all the stakeholders to the table and made this programme one of the huge successes of Derry~Londonderry's UK City of Culture year, and its legacy

Shona McCarthy, CEO, Culture Company 2013

A true pioneer of a different reality that is New Britain

Lord Ouseley, former Chairman, Commission for Racial Equality

Working with Marc I never cease to be amazed at his ability to strategically be one step ahead. He is a master campaigner, communicator, leader and catalyst for meaningful change. He is inspirational by nature and always effective by design. When I have crucial issues that need to be heard, acted upon and remembered, Marc is the person I turn to.

Richard Gerver, speaker, author, global expert on creativity, change and education

The practical concepts and examples shared through your keynote were both thought provoking and challenging. Your enthusiasm and energy had the audience laughing, nodding, and participating all of the way through.

Angela Ball, Head of Knowsley Music and Performing Arts Service

I believe Marc’s coaching skills are truly unique. Every moment of every session was delivered with devotion, intent, purpose and direction. I am more confident in my decision-making, I listen more and more deeply, I am more open, more assertive, more caring, more focused.

Jim Pinchen, educator, musician and composer