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Marc Jaffrey OBE

What + How

Leading social impact projects

I love to lead or support the development of projects that seek to make substantive change. I take on a major project occasionally as they are generally hugely demanding. I have run and contributed to landmark campaigns for many different clients including rights agencies, the BBC, Government  and campaigning consortia. I am expert in building purpose, partnerships and collective action that seek to out-think a failing status quo and I have excelled at attracting significant investments to support projects. I can contribute to the design and development and the strategy and execution of projects, campaigns and programmes, working with third-party communication agencies, leading individuals and stakeholders.

Driving Change – your challenge, my support

Many organisations are looking to address a range of challenges in marketing, communications, business development and, commonly for non-profits, fundraising.

Real as these challenges may be, the first question to ask is: why is your current performance or practice weak?

In my experience, specific issues are often symptoms of underlying failures in purpose, ambition, leadership, audience engagement (from staff to consumers) and associated staff behaviours that reinforce these weaknesses.

Too many consultants collude with leaders not willing to be courageous in the pursuit of the right questions. They give the client what they ask for, not what they need.

Yet tackle symptoms alone and the problem will recur. Addressing underlying weaknesses can deliver sustainable benefits and growth. And fix the symptoms for good.

More often than not, you need to change the conversation. This is where I start. Here’s a glimpse at what comes next.

Diagnostics – a game of 101 questions

I ask questions, lots of them – to you, your team and your audiences.

We don’t stop until we get to the ground reality of your challenges – the difference between this and your intent is the scale of the task. The process is not costly but it requires commitment and passion to challenge the status quo and self-awareness to challenge your own perceptions. From this, we plan.

I make this journey transformational for you through powerful conversations that aid reflection on your role as a leader and the actions you need to consider.

Instigation – board-level leadership

I work to inspire and engage senior leadership buy-in, because without it all changes will be short term. I support and coach you to make the case compelling, delivering insights and a clear-sighted action plan linked directly to core business goals.

Delivering impact – join it up to be successful

I use my wide experience in leadership, communications and driving change to connect specific tactical strategies and make them potent.

For example, a new website will remain confusing if your purpose is not clear; a new visual identity will thrill to deceive if the behaviour of your staff does not match the values and service it implies; a new marketing strategy will not make up for any serious fractures in your relationship with your consumers. The list goes on – you’ll have your own.

I excel in galvanising people from different disciplines and agencies to collaborate for a common purpose.

And I’ve got a remarkable range of contacts that can be brought to serve your vision and enhance your business when required.

Sustaining change – people, people, people

Whatever business you’re in, you’re in the people business. This means successful transformation is dependent on more than structures and systems. It requires an appreciation of the range of rational and emotional ways in which people connect with your mission, brand, products, services and purpose.

We need to identify which practices and behaviours are proving effective and which are holding you back. Which new behaviours do your people need to practice now? And, critically, what is your business’s higher purpose that will answer a question we all ask ourselves – why should I bother?

I am expert at giving teams permission and inspiration to think differently and at modelling and socialising new behaviours.


I have spoken at international, national and regional conferences and to Boards and private gatherings. I do not spend most of my time strutting a stage — I prefer to make change and then share my insights. So my speaking is rooted in my real-world experiences about change, leadership, creativity, arts, culture and education.