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Marc Jaffrey OBE

Why I’m supporting the Creative Industries Federation

Every so often people and organizations come together in a way that offers the promise of genuine transformation. One such moment for me happened last week when I was encouraged by Darren Henley to become a Founding Supporter of the Creative Industries Federation. This new body is the brainchild of a brilliant man – Sir John Sorrell CBE and a team of fellow travellers (including Darren).

The Federation brings together some of my biggest passions and assumes their interconnectedness – the power of creativity and the creative industries for the UK economy and its citizens; the vital importance for all our futures in recognizing creativity as a ‘third literacy’ in the education system; and the power of creative and cultural education to deliver transformational opportunities for children and young people.

Critically, the Federation will be independent of government, UK wide and encompass individuals and organizations in arts, culture and industry across the public and private sector. This offers a genuine opportunity to develop fresh and challenging dialogue and I’m looking forward to encouraging it. Vital in this conversation will be the individual talent and SMEs that represent the majority of agents in all three fields – it will not simply be a conversation had by the ‘great, good and big’ of these sectors.

It will be vital for those involved in education and learning of all kinds to participate and I am greatly encouraged by the life long stance of Sir John in championing the vital role of creative and cultural learning. His strong stance on this can be found in the recent book A Virtuous Circle coauthored with Darren and Paul Roberts.

So I’m proud to be a Founding Supporter. It’s time to start a new chapter in our collective efforts to promote the essential value of creativity, the creative industries and cultural education in the UK.

Find out more and join in at www.creativeindustriesfederation.com

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